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European WCS Spin Championships

Maria & Raman Spin Champs Baltic Swing website
The European WCS Spin Champions 2015!
Miss Maria Bileichyk & Raman Kuzmin with a fantastic 80 Spins!!
Can they defend their title at Baltic Swing 2016??

The European WCS Spin Champs will be a competition held on Sunday evening. Entry will be 5EUR (20zl) per person.
Winner takes ALL the cash!! :)

  • A man can spin a man, a lady can spin a lady, a man can spin a lady or a lady can spin a man. Basically anything goes!! :D
  • The Spinning must be in time with the music.
  • You can use either foot or both, or you can swap as long as you keep spinning in time.
  • The count will begin with the first spin and end when you either go out of time or fall over!!
  • There will be a restricted space, you can’t step out of it.
  • A Minimum of 3 judges will be counting your spins and the average number is your score

Good Luck Everyone!