Basic Info

Basic Info

Tri-City is an urban area consisting of three Polish cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. They are situated adjacent to one other, in a row, on the coast of the Gdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea, in Pomeranian, Northern Poland. The Tricity metropolitan area has a population of over 1 million people.


Poland has a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. The best time to visit Tri -City area is between May and September when the temperature is about 15 to even 30*C so you can enjoy polish spring and summer with the best polish beers!

Local Time

Poland is in the Central European (CET) time zone (GMT+1hr). When it’s 12:00 in Warsaw it’s 11:00 in London, 12:00 in Paris and Berlin and 19:00 in Tokyo.


Internet access is typically free and widely available in Poland, with practically every café and restaurant offering wi-fi to customers. There is now a free to access wi-fi network in the centre of both Gdansk and Sopot. In both cases you are looking for the wifi signal which appears as FreeHotSpot WP. Once you have selected this network you should open your web browser. There you will automatically be taken to a login page (in Polish only) for Wirtualna Polska.


The Polish currency is Złoty, abbreviated as zł or PLN. One złoty is equivalent to one hundred grosz (gr). 1 EUR is approximately 4,4 zł. The prices in Poland on average are lower than in Western Europe. Here are approximate prices for some articles.

  • Beer: 3,5 zł (in a shop), 6-10zł (in a bar)
  • Bottle of Coke (1 litre): 4 zł
  • Single bus ticket: 3 zł
  • Taxi: 1.80 zł/km
  • Bread: 2 zł
  • McDonald’s/ KFC: 12-15 zł
  • Dinner in the restaurant: 15-30 zł
  • Bottle of 0,5l of vodka: 20 zł

Currency can be exchanged at airports, hotels, banks and anywhere with a sign proclaiming it to be a Kantor and you will also be able to withdraw currency at a bankomat using your ATM card. A Kantor will often provide better value than the banks in your home country or the ATM although for obvious reasons be very wary of Kantors in the airports, bus stations and close to tourist sights.


Electricity in Poland is 230V, 50Hz AC. Plug sockets are round with two round-pin sockets. Therefore if you are coming from the UK or Ireland you are definitely going to need a plug convertor.

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